jueves, 27 de junio de 2013

Truth #63

Swim in the sea
Drive all night
Count the stars
Find true love
Get really drunk

Truth #62

Isn't it funny how 
day by day nothing changes 
but when you look back
 everything is diferent

Truth #61

We are all lloking for
someone whose bemons 
play well with ours

Truth #60

I love you with all my boobs
I would say heart but 
my boobs are bigger

Truth #59

People live because
 it easier to walk away then to 
fight for what 
they really want

Truth #58

Maybe I don't cry but it does hurt,
Maybe I don't say but I feel,
Maybe I don't show but I care.

Truth #57

Follow your heart
but take your brain
with you

Truth #56

Laugh like you´re 10
Party like you´re 20
Travel like you`re 30
Think like you´re 40
Advise like you´re 50
Care like you´re 60
Love like you´re 70

Truth #55

Love so deeply
that the ocean would be

Truth #54

Reach for the stars
Live for ever momento
Dance like if
No one is watching
Sing like no one is listening
Love like thers no tomorrow
Follow your dream
Choose with no regret
Laugh and smile unconditionally

Truth #53

Love isn´t complicated
People are

miércoles, 26 de junio de 2013

Truth #52

Life is all
about having
a good time

Truth #51

Sorry I´m not Rihanna
I don´t love
the way you lie

Truth #50

Stop saying "I wish..."
and start saying
"I will..."

Truth #49

Love me when I least deserve it
 because that´s when
I really need it

Truth #48

Mistakes are always forgivable
if one has the courage
 to admit them

Truth # 47

the hardest things and
the right things
 are the same

Truth #46

Don´t worry,don´t cry
say "Fuck You" and smile

martes, 25 de junio de 2013

Truth #45

The worts feeling is wanting to cry
and having to hold it in because your in public

Truth #44

Most of are problems in life are because
we act with out thinking or we think with out acting

truth #43

You were born with
 the ability of changing
somebodys life
don´t waste it

Truth #42

Learn from yesterday
Live for today
Hope for tomorrow

Truth #41

Hair getrs lighter, skin gets darker,
Water gets warmer, Drinks get colder,
Music gets louder, nights get longer
Life Gets Better

Truth #40

I miss the days
when homework
was coloring

Truth #39

Don´t depend too much on anybody
because even your shadow
leaves you when you´re in darkness

Truth #38

No matter how stronge a girl is
she has a weak point
and sometimes
she just needs a hug

Truth #37

One day your life will flash before your eyes
make sure it´s worth watching

Truth #36

One negative comment to
Kill a Dreamer
remember that

Truth #35

Never waste your feeling
on people who dont value them.

Truth #34

People with the best advises
usually have most problems

Truth #33

Whene silence between two people is confertable
 you´ve found love.

Truth #32

Remember that only God can judge you,
So forget the haters Becase somebody love you

Truth #31

What ever makes you bad leave it,
What ever makes you smile keep it

Truth #30

Because in the end we're all just dreamers
in an endless universe.

Truth #29

Be sexy
Be true
Be wild
Be you

Truth #28

Everything will be okay
 in the end
if it's not, 
it's not the end.

Truth #27

People change and 
often they become 
the persons they said 
they would never be.